Best Dog-Friendly Sparkling Wine: This Week’s Collaborative Wine Project

In Vancouver, we have the good fortune of being located near wine country, a fact not lost on the city’s culinary establishments. While it is always a treat to pair our West Coast fare with British Columbian wines, the experience is elevated when the owners of a restaurant and a winery work together to create a special label designed just for the dishes you’ll find on their menu. An illustration of this is the 2021 release Bubble Dogs, a partnership between Dachi and Bella Wines.

The Partnership: Dachi and Bella Wines

In homage to natural wine as well as seasonal nibbles in Hastings Sunrise, Bella Wines of Naramata created a sparkling Pinot Noir in the ancestral manner in 2021 and named it Bubble Dogs. Dachi’s open-air patio hosts pop-ups and other events alongside local indie businesses, so partnering together with Wendy Rose as well as Jay Drysdale’s shining house was a perfect fit.

So Cool, and Here’s Why

One of the most renowned wineries in the nation produces this special wine. It’s got the perfect amount of foam and can stand in for either a light red or a dark rosé. Only available in 1.5-liter magnums, the sound of the cork popping is enough to get everyone excited for another night of fun.

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