Drink Review: Sakebomb – The New Canned Cocktail Favorite

A strong seltzer or wine cooler, rather than a brewski, is my go-to canned beverage of choice. Additionally, Nude’s vodka soda has been my drink of choice for the past few years. Even though vodka isn’t my top favorite, I had to stick with it because it was the best available alternative. Nonetheless, I regret to inform you that Nude’s monopoly on the sale of canned cocktails in the Vancouver area is soon to expire.

Sakebomb, a ready-to-drink beverage made with sake that stands out for the fact that it does not include any vodka, has taken its position. Having a fondness for sake in all its forms (warm, cold, pricey, and cheap), I was eager to sample this product from Austin, Texas-based businesswoman Stefana Prodea, 30, whose brewery is located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Even though it’s not actually sake, the Sakebomb does have a hint of the fermented rice flavor that makes Japanese alcohol so enjoyable. It’s easy to drink without being overly sweet and doesn’t have the harsh alcohol flavor that can be found in some of the most widely consumed seltzers. Reason for this is likely the sake’s high drinkability.

After I got over the shock of not having sake, I had to accept the fact that this product was excellent.

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