Top Vancouver Hotspot for Bubble Tea Addicts

These days, it seems like nobody can resist a refreshing bubble tea.

With its little, chewy pearls of tapioca, bubble tea has become one of the more interesting drinks available. Typically involving milk and fruit, bubble tea has a unique texture that makes it perfect for sharing on social media. Most Vancouverites are likely already dedicated boba fans, as bubble tea shops have recently sprung up all over the city. 

We’ve narrowed down the best bubble tea spots in Vancouver, but we are stocked up with this outstanding bubble tea hub.

Campagnolo Restaurant

At Campagnolo, tapioca is delectable throughout the year. The standard honey black boba and tapioca pearls would be offered at each and every bubble tea store in the area.

No one makes tapioca better than Campagnolo, who pioneered modern methods of manufacture and flavor development for the product. They have unfathomable levels of ingenuity, you know. Always feel free to adjust the ice and sugar to your preferred levels. The brown series, or brown dirty milk, is another tasty option. You can never go wrong with ordering any menu option in this restaurant.

Menu Options: different variants of bubble tea

Address: 1020 Main St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6A 2W1

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