Best Dog-Friendly Sparkling Wine: This Week’s Collaborative Wine Project

In Vancouver, we have the good fortune of being located near wine country, a fact not lost on the city’s culinary establishments. While it is always a treat to pair our West Coast fare with British Columbian wines, the experience is elevated when the owners of a restaurant and a winery work together to create a special label designed just for the dishes you’ll find on their menu. An illustration of this is the 2021 release Bubble Dogs, a partnership between Dachi and Bella Wines.
The Partnership: Dachi and Bella Wines
In homage to …

Define the Norm with these Whisky Cocktail Recipes

Do you have any iced tea, or do you prefer whisky? The thing is that those living in Vancouver are known for leaning more towards whisky more often than not. Whisky cocktail recipes in Vancouver defy tradition by having a flavor that is both easy to drink and complex, with hints of vanilla and caramel that are comforting to whisky connoisseurs and welcoming to newcomers.
Whisky is a passion at Gray Jay, but they despise the concept that there are certain antiquated rituals and protocols that must be followed before you can truly appreciate it. Whisky connoisseurs…

Drink Review: Sakebomb – The New Canned Cocktail Favorite

A strong seltzer or wine cooler, rather than a brewski, is my go-to canned beverage of choice. Additionally, Nude’s vodka soda has been my drink of choice for the past few years. Even though vodka isn’t my top favorite, I had to stick with it because it was the best available alternative. Nonetheless, I regret to inform you that Nude’s monopoly on the sale of canned cocktails in the Vancouver area is soon to expire.
Sakebomb, a ready-to-drink beverage made with sake that stands out for the fact that it does not include any vodka, has taken its …